--- ABOUT US ---


The idea of VG Autointerior was born in 2005, after Founder & Managing Director, Linbert Guerra; an Accountant by profession and a trained taylor since 1990, once had a need for some automotive upholstery service but was unable to find anyone who was experienced working with leather. He then decided to explore the posibilities of developing this service as a business.

After a few years of researching and studing the industry, along with some training; in 2008 VG Autointerior and Accessories was first licensed as an Automotive Upholstery business.

In August of 2011, Mr. Guerra successfully completed a hands on training seminar at the Coachtrim Automotive Interior services facility in Danbury Connecticut, where he was then awarded a certifcate in Advance Leather Work.


"Coachtrim is a well renown automotive interior services shop for over two decades and counting, they specialized in leather work and still fabricate automotive interior using the tradition of the great European Coachbuilders; restoratoring classic cars some of which includes the likes of Aston Martins, Mercedes Benz and Farris just to name a few. Leatherwork is their speciality but is not limited to only automotive interiors. Coachtrim also provide interior services for airplanes as well as other leather upholestry services."

VG is a fully Incorporated Limited Company, providing complete upholstery and re-upholstery services for the automotive, marine and other upholestery market, all works are done to meet international standards by trained professonals using top quality, correct materials and tools used in the industry today.

We are humbled and happy to share that VG Autointerior are listed amids and share a network with some of the best automotive trimmer; on the only industry news website and online community, for auto upholstery professionals worldwide at; www.thehogring.com, since December of 2013.

** Mission Statement **

1. To provide all our customers with the oppertunity of experiencing with absolute comfort and self satisfaction the option of improving their interiors with authentic and certified materials unique to their own personal styling, effects and colors.

2. To provide our customers with a service locally that meet international standard.

3. To provide all our customers with quality service for fair price.